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  • What is statement automation?

    Statements are written records that convey business activities and reflect a company's financial health for a given period. 

    In the course of business operations, accountants record expenses, income, transactions, changes in equity, payroll payments, taxes, and more. They use special services to automate reporting so that they don’t have to manually collect information from a multitude of documents and prepare tables. 

    Statement automation is the use of technology to generate financial statements automatically, including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and more. Payrow’s services help reduce manual data entry and improve the efficiency of financial operations through automation.

  • How do I set up automatic statements in Payrow?

    Within your Payrow account dashboard, click on the “Create” button to open a window for scheduling regular statements. Here, you may select several fields:

    • Account – the account for which the automated statement will be created.
    • Periodicity – the frequency of the automated statement.

    You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly statements. Choose the other criteria as you see fit, such as file format and a delivery email.

  • How can I receive regular statements?

    You can receive automatically generated regular statements by e-mail with a configurable regularity. 

    You can find more information about Payrow here.

  • Is statement automation secure and compliant?

    Security and compliance are vital considerations for sensitive financial documents. At Payrow, we value the safety of our clients, so we follow high-security standards and offer  PIN, Touch ID, and Face ID identification for authorisation, 2-factor authentication, and a one-time password for payment confirmation. We also ensure compliance with the UK GDPR.

    Furthermore, we use 3D Secure v.2 for card payments, a protocol designed to improve the security of online card transactions over the internet. The protocol provides multi-level payment verification, increases the level of security, and enhances fraud protection. Read more about 3D Secure here.

    Q: What software or tools are available for statement automation?

    To find the best tool for statement automation, you can consider the following criteria:

    • The software offers automatic statement generation, detailed payment information, and the ability to schedule statements. 
    • The software has secure file storage for easy access to documents and data while ensuring the safety of sensitive financial information.
    • The interface is user-friendly, and it’s easy to adopt and use the tool.
    • The software allows for the generation of customised reports.

    The Payrow statement automation service is the ultimate solution for generating and sending financial, bank, account, and transaction statements. Additionally, Payrow provides other automation tools such as automatic invoicing, transaction scheduling, payments automation, and smart expense control.

  • What types of statements can be automated?

    With Payrow’s services, you can automatically generate various types of statements, including bank statements, account statements, statements of financial position, statements of change in equity, transaction statements, invoices, bills, and financial statements, alongside balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, and statements of retained earnings. 

    Automated statements can be created using templates provided by Payrow and can be scheduled to be sent out to groups of employees, departments, or specific people based on when they need to be sent. You can receive regular statements by e-mail with a configurable regularity.

  • Can statement automation integrate with existing systems?

    Yes, the statement automation service by Payrow can integrate with existing systems. We focused on creating a solution that helps businesses with time-consuming routine tasks so you can easily integrate it into your processes. If you have a Payrow account, you may generate statements, which will be based on the data stored.

    Our tool used to automate the flow of statements, including automatic statement generation and distribution, works well with your data and is easy to adapt. You can download your statements in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, or PDF and then use them in reporting.

  • What are the steps to implement statement automation?

    You need to open a Payrow Business account and make financial transactions through your account over a period of time so that information about them is stored. To open a window for scheduling regular statements, click on the “Create” button within your Payrow account dashboard. Here, you may select:

    • Account — the account for which the automated statement will be created.
    • Periodicity — the frequency of the automated statement.

    You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly statements. You can add up to 5 regular statement recipients per account. This is not necessary, as you may download the document directly into your Payrow account. Choose the other criteria as you see fit; for example, select the file format (PDF, Excel, or CSV) and a delivery e-mail address.

  • How much does it cost to open a Payrow business account?

    Account opening is free of charge. We also offer a free trial month (£0 monthly fee) for all new customers for the first month with Payrow.

    Our tariff plans start from £19/month, and you can change your plan at any moment. Payrow has no transaction limits for all tariff plans.

    For other plans and their benefits, please check our pricing page.

  • How can statement automation benefit my business?

    Statements provide detailed information about payments or any other financial transactions for a required period. The data about operations is taken from your Payrow account. The service will automatically collate the information according to specified parameters and provide it to you in a convenient format for downloading or printing. 

    Automation allows for the faster processing of large volumes of data and reduces the time required for reporting. It also simplifies data collection and eliminates the chance of human errors or missed data, ensuring the accuracy of the statement. Moreover, statement automation services are adaptable, which means they will suit both small and medium-sized enterprises and large organisations.