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Payrow is a perfect payments partner for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Work fast and safely to retain and ensure your clients’ loyalty.

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    Go through the KYC and KYB processes in one day. Even if you have a complex ownership structure, Payrow knows how to onboard you.

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    Create your GBP or EUR account.

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    Invite your team members.

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    Start managing all your finances in one place.

We Know All About Good Service

Together with Payrow, you can optimise your customers' payment experience. Get access to reliable, seamless, and paperless global money management tools designed to fit your unique business.

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    Avoid Problems with Chargebacks

    Unlike traditional banking, Payrow allows you to process payments and refunds faster

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    No Hidden Fees and Payments

    We guarantee transparent pricing and no hidden fees for international and local payments

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    Easy Spend Management Tools

    Set limits and assign spending categories on corporate credit cards. Gain complete visibility and control over your employees' expenses.

  • automatic invoicing, automatic statement issue, payment automation tool

    Automatic Statements

    Get detailed information on payments for the required period and download statements in a convenient format

  • qr code payments in cafes, restaurants & hotels

    Digital Tipping SolutionSoon

    No cash - no problem: customers can tip using QR codes or links sent via text or email.

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Payrow FAQ

  • Does Payrow provide business cards?

    We’re working hard in the background to bring more functionalities to life. Business cards are very close on the horizon (ETA Q4 2023). We know every business needs cards – we are working on a very cool and modern card programme to include virtual cards for maximum flexibility. Stay tuned!

  • Does Payrow work with businesses with complex ownership structures?

    Payrow has launched financial service support for businesses with complex ownership structures. Leveraging its extensive experience in the market, Payrow has begun offering maintenance for businesses with a complex ownership structure in the United Kingdom. Learn more.

  • What currencies are supported?

    You can send international transfers in GBP and EUR. We are working hard in the background to add more currencies very soon.

    If you transfer money to a bank account in a different currency (for example, if you transfer GBP to an account which holds SEK), a conversion fee might apply on the receiving bank side.

  • What businesses can open a Payrow account?

    Payrow can support

    • Sole proprietorship
    • General partnerships
    • Limited liability partnership
    • Limited partnership
    • Limited liability company
    • Business corporations

    For now, Payrow is unable to open accounts for non-profit organisations, charities, funds, private foundations or trusts, the public sector, or cooperatives. 

    Sectors of activity

    Payrow is unable to support some sectors of activity due to regulatory, risk, and reputation restrictions. These sectors are dynamic and may change over time.

    Our onboarding team is expertly trained to identify restricted sectors of activity and will keep you closely informed throughout the application process. If you have any questions about sectors of activity before submitting an application, you can always use [email protected] or the live chat.

  • What do I need to open a Payrow business account?

    Tell us about your business.

    You’ll need to share details like your company name and registration number, where you’re located, and the industry you’re in.

    Tell us about yourself and your partners.

    We'll need some personal details (such as full name, DOB, and address) to verify your identity and, if applicable, the identity of your partners (usually, these will be shareholders in your business).

    Tell us if you act on behalf of someone.

    If you’re not a director or shareholder of the company, you may need to provide your authorisation to act on behalf of the business.

  • Can I change my plan?

    It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Upgrades are effective immediately to help your business right away. Downgrades take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. Our support team can take care of anything else around plans and billing. You can find more information about Payrow here.

  • How long does it take to open a Payrow business account?

    Filling out our short online form is easy and intuitive. This should take around 10-15 minutes but could be slightly longer for more complex setups.

    After submitting your application, our onboarding team will review it and may contact you to confirm a few details.

  • How much does it cost to open a Payrow business account?

    Our free plan is, of course, free, including the account opening. For other plans and their benefits, please check our pricing page.

  • What types of businesses and sectors of activity are supported?

    For now, we support the following business types: 

    • Private Limited Company (LTD)
    • Public Limited Company (PLC)
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    We're working hard to support more business types soon:

    • Sole Traders
    • Public sector
    • Charities
    • Private foundations or trusts
    • Co-operatives
    • Other business entities

    From research laboratories to vintage clothing, we support too many sectors of activity to name here – put us to the test on!