About Payrow

  • Mission

    Payrow is a payment solution built by a team with a strong background in finance and startups. Our mission is to grow the number of entrepreneurs and help them develop their businesses by providing access to relevant, affordable and paperless global money-management tools. Payrow is well aware of all the needs and challenges young companies usually face, and we consider them when offering financial and payment instruments.
  • Support

    As a startup, we are on the same page with our clients. Managing business represents a high cost: owners must pay accountants, manage multiple software platforms, and pay banking fees. Payrow helps you optimise many daily tasks and saves time and money for significant decisions. Moreover, while traditional banks are only sometimes ready to provide services to young companies with complex structures, we can suggest flexible and custom services.
  • Security

    We help you do this by bringing together cutting-edge security standards, a tech stack purposefully built for entrepreneurs, and the excellent customer support they deserve. Payrow Payment Systems Limited (Payrow) (Firm reference number 903004) is an EMD Agent of PayrNet Limited (Principal Firm reference number 900594) which is authorised as an electronic money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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  • Does Payrow provide business cards?

    We’re working hard in the background to bring more functionalities to life. Business cards are very close on the horizon. We know every business needs cards – we are working on a very cool and modern card programme to include virtual cards for maximum flexibility. Stay tuned!

  • How much does it cost to open a Payrow business account?

    Account opening is free of charge. We also offer a free trial month (£0 monthly fee) for all new customers for the first month with Payrow.

    Our tariff plans start from £19/month, and you can change your plan at any moment. Payrow has no transaction limits for all tariff plans.

    For other plans and their benefits, please check our pricing page.

  • Is Payrow safe?

    Payrow Payment Systems Limited (Payrow) is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Firm reference number 903004) as an EMD Agent for PayrNet Limited (Principal Firm reference number 900594). The FCA register entry for Payrow can be found here. 

    The FCA authorisation is a sign of trust and meeting the required regulatory standards.

  • Does Payrow work with businesses with complex ownership structures?

    Payrow has launched financial service support for businesses with complex ownership structures. Leveraging its extensive experience in the market, Payrow has begun offering maintenance for businesses with a complex ownership structure in the United Kingdom. Learn more.

  • What do I need to open a Payrow business account?

    Tell us about your business.

    You’ll need to share details like your company name and registration number, where you’re located, and the industry you’re in.

    Tell us about yourself and your partners.

    We'll need some personal details (such as full name, DOB, and address) to verify your identity and, if applicable, the identity of your partners (usually, these will be shareholders in your business).

    Tell us if you act on behalf of someone.

    If you’re not a director or shareholder of the company, you may need to provide your authorisation to act on behalf of the business.

  • What businesses can open a Payrow account?

    For now, we support the following business types: 

    • Private Limited Company (LTD)
    • Public Limited Company (PLC)
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    We're working hard to support more business types soon:

    • Sole Traders
    • Public sector
    • Charities
    • Private foundations or trusts
    • Co-operatives
    • Other business entities

    From research laboratories to vintage clothing, we support too many sectors of activity to name here – put us to the test on payrow.com!