We are Payrow, and here are 3 reasons why you need to stick with us

April 30, 2022

3 reasons why you need to stick with us

Fintech is a rapidly expanding industry that thrills everyone, particularly in the age of innovations, digital money, and remote employment. Payrow is a contemporary fintech company established in the UK. We specialise in providing business services and innovative solutions that allow ambitious global brands to implement financial products. We are aimed at providing our customers with a fast and reliable PSP financial system. Through the introduction of the latest technologies, we enhance our work and make finance more accessible.

We offer our target audience, remote employees, freelancers, and e-commerce professionals, a versatile range of financial services. We help entrepreneurs and internet businesses to remove the burden of extra spending on the financial assistance of accountants. Payrow plans to be an ideal payment partner for such specialised sectors as hotels, restaurants, and cafes. With Payrow, you will have access to a multi-currency wallet, instant payments and transfers, financial tracking, fund management, and much more. Explore why you might want to choose us.

Exclusive Technical Solutions

Payrow actively introduces new technologies and solutions into the business model and develops the tools that help to manage your funds seamlessly. Let's look at the characteristics and features that distinguish Payrow from all others and how we could potentially help you build your business.

Working Mechanisms 

Typically, banks and other financial systems allow the user to go through all the stages of information processing to make a transfer and manage accounts or funds. Payrow, in turn, offers users a system based on a set of programs, a so-called stack of microservice architecture. Development specialists, to simplify, sped up, and modernised our PSP system as much as possible and decided to avoid using monolithic services. Thanks to this, the tools for making payments, monitoring costs, calculating expenses, and other tasks work autonomously. Since the main data is stored separately, updating some services does not disrupt the smooth operation of the entire system. Thus, Payrow becomes more flexible, and responsive to the customers’ needs and the user gets the best experience when working with a financial instrument.


Security is probably the most important aspect to ensure. We are trying to improve the protective mechanisms, namely: our graph anti-fraud system gives a complete picture of transactions; therefore, it serves as a means of combating fraud and chargebacks. In addition, we base the system on the new 3d secure v.2 protocol providing fast and convenient authentication. Our goal is customer support, so we try to respond to requests and adjust the system accordingly so that it meets the needs of everyone the whole time they are with us.

The Current State of the Project 

Payrow is at the stage of real-test, which means that the payment system is being tested by a closed group. Our company just started to provide financial services for UK companies from different sectors and categories of business. 

Here is the list of what we offer now:

  • Accounts issued in GBP and EUR
  • Invoicing
  • Faster Payments and SEPA Transfers
  • FX conversion using interbank rates
  • User-friendly interface

The Roadmap

You can already find many services for business; however, this is just the beginning. We have very ambitious plans for expansion and improvement. The next step in our development is the issuance of cards with the possibility of contactless payment and cashless, instant transfers. You can take a look at the roadmap to see what we plan to bring in the near future. There are no hidden fees nor unnecessary costs. Our system is transparent and open to cooperation. 

Q2 2022

So, what are we going to offer users in the second quarter of 2022? To begin with, we will look at the improvements in the invoice system. Here, we will integrate the reconciliation module and PayrowPay. We offer fast and easy onboarding and plan to simplify the access by creating mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Regarding working with finances directly, we’ll make it possible to exchange and send various currencies, pay by link and forget worries about security. Payrow enhances the anti-fraud system by adding fingerprint access and deep learning models for monitoring transactions. 

Acquisition and integration play a vital role in the development and expansion of a fintech company. Сoncerning integration, our development partners are Emerchantpay, Checkout.com, CIFAS, Iwoca, MarketFinance, and ERPs like Xero, QB, and Zoho. Our partnership will allow us to introduce lending services, extend onboarding for acquiring and TopUps with cards.

Q3 2022

Moving further, Payrow continues its integration movement and plans to become partners with the Safeguarding bank, Companies House, Creditsafe Group, and ComplyAdvantage. We would like to make the system secure, introduce anti-money laundering mechanisms and minimise fraud risks. Creditsafe integration will allow us to be active in more jurisdictions.

In moving towards our customers, we are introducing a ticketing system to provide support and make FX easier with the use of CurrencyCloud. Our next steps are to issue MasterCard corporate debit cards and implement lending, tax automation, and payroll services. In partnership with Railsbank, we’ll implement the direct debit opportunity and many other features for business needs.

One of the significant milestones is connecting our products and services to the SWIFT system. SWIFT unites more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than two hundred countries. Unlike MasterCard and Visa, SWIFT is used only at the interbank level. What does this mean for Payrow? We will be included in the most crucial part of the communication infrastructure that provides international cash flows.


The fast-growing fintech industry offers various opportunities for those who want to keep up with the changing reality and stay at the forefront in a competitive business environment. Payrow provides several different plans, so you can easily choose the most profitable for you and your field of activity. Choosing specialists in fintech services will allow you to significantly upgrade your business strategy, reduce costs and implement in-demand modern technologies. Start your business with Payrow.

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