Payrow Rolls Out Services That Augment Startups in the UK

January 9, 2023

Payrow Rolls Out Services That Augment Startups in the UK

We are excited to start 2023 with the news that Payrow was featured on thepaypers.com — the authoritative source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. 

The Paypers reported that Payrow had launched a suite of services designed specifically for startups in the UK. Payrow understands the unique needs of startups and has developed automation tools to streamline financial tasks.

You can read an extract from the article below:

Payrow helps startups plan and analyse financial streams, as well as efficiently track expenses via advanced digital tools that monitor all aspects of financing. These tools also come in handy during audits and in preparing tax returns.

Particularities that Payrow facilitates for startups

Firstly, routine - generally, at the beginning of development, startups have a small team but many routine financial tasks like company registration, sorting revenue and costs, salaries, tax calculations, etc. Gradually, as a project scales up, so does the number of tasks.

Payrow has a deep understanding of how to deliver financial and growth services to startups. To increase a company’s efficiency, Payrow automates financial operations, including regular invoices, recurring and scheduled payments, reports compilation, income statements, management of incoming and outgoing expenses, and cash flow. By taking care of the tedious, Payrow allows startups to save time and avoid mistakes.

Secondly, there are complex structures - startups often have complex ownership structures, with new investors and beneficiaries joining in during project development. Payrow welcomes businesses with complex ownership structures and has a dedicated team on stand-by to understand and serve businesses that have more complex ownership structures. The team shares more than 3 decades of experience in working with companies of this kind, both in corporate and fintech environments.

Finally, expenses may give headaches - startups have to deal with a lot of recurring payments (servers, mail services, CRM). Typically, these payments are made using credit or debit cards, and this makes it difficult to control expenses. Payrow has solved this problem with its cost control services, namely subscription management.

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