How to Leverage Payrow for Optimal Business Benefits and Efficiency

December 27, 2023

At Payrow, we redefine financial management for businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced security. Our comprehensive FinTech platform is engineered to simplify cross-border transactions and invoicing, fortified with robust security measures to protect your interests. We’re not just a service; we’re your ally in financial excellence.

Experience the Payrow Advantage in Business Transactions and Security

Discover the ease of managing cross-border payments, automated invoicing, and high-level security with a UK-based FinTech platform. Now, you can open multicurrency accounts quickly and efficiently with just two clicks, giving you access to GBP or EUR payment accounts.

— Key features include international business payments without hidden fees, allowing for easy money transfers and detailed information on payments and invoices. Sub-accounts can be created in GBP and EUR, streamlining international transactions and SEPA payments​​.

— The automatic invoicing and statement features of Payrow optimise many daily tasks. Services include automated invoicing, automatic statements, a transaction scheduler, payment automation, and smart expenses control. This suite of tools is designed to automate routine processes, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors​​.

— In terms of security, Payrow employs high-security standards, including PIN, Touch ID, and Face ID identification for authorisation, two-factor authentication, one-time passwords for payment confirmation, 3D Secure v.2 for card payments, and fraud prevention measures​​.

— For invoicing, Payrow offers customisable templates, enabling users to pay incoming bills directly from their accounts and send professional invoices to individuals or companies​​. Detailed information on payments can be obtained through the platform’s statements feature, which allows for the downloading of statements in convenient formats and setting dates for automated creation and distribution​​. Read also “Create Digital Invoices Using Payrow”

— The scheduler feature automates repetitive tasks, such as scheduling upcoming payments, managing recurring payments, and creating invoices on a regular basis​​. Additionally, Payrow’s expenses feature automates accounting, including the recognition of receipts, allocation of expenses to categories, and the centralised control of payments and analytics​​. Read also “Create Scheduled and Recurring Payments with Payrow Tools.”

— Expanding on the versatility of the platform, Payrow’s Scheduler and Statements features enhance operational efficiency. The Scheduler allows you to automate and manage upcoming and recurring payments, create invoices routinely, and ensure transaction statements are delivered on schedule, streamlining your financial workflow.

— With the Statements function, you’ll receive detailed information on payments for the required period. You can download statements in a variety of convenient formats, automate their creation and distribution on predetermined dates, and add multiple recipients to keep your team informed. Read also “Automate the Flow of Statement with Payrow Tools.”

— Streamline your financial management with Payrow’s Expenses feature. It’s designed to save you time and reduce errors through its automated accounting and management service. This feature provides automated recognition of receipts, enabling you to match expenses to the appropriate categories, which you can create and rename according to your business needs. With all analytics in one place, you can easily control payments and oversee your financial outflow with precision and ease.

How to Maximise Business Efficiency with Payrow

Elevate your business's operational efficiency and financial prowess with Payrow's seamless solutions. Discover how you can embark on this journey towards enhanced productivity and financial management.

Setting Up Your Payrow Business Account

The journey with Payrow begins with a straightforward setup. Businesses are required to furnish essential details like company name, registration number, location, and industry, alongside personal information for identity verification. Read also “Navigating the KYC Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to Verifying Your Identity.”

Streamline Your Business Journey with Payrow’s Tariff Plans

Choose from a range of transparent tariff plans tailored to fit your business at every stage. Enjoy the flexibility of no transaction limits and the ability to adjust your plan as your business evolves. 

  • Micro Business Plan for startups at just £19/m.
  • Small Business Plan for growing businesses at £29/m.
  • Business Plan for expanding enterprises at £99/m.
  • Custom Plan at £299/m for unique, bespoke financial services.

Benefit from flexible tariffs designed for different transactional needs, whether you have high turnovers or frequent transactions. Our standout feature? No limits on transaction amounts, catering to businesses of all sizes and transaction volumes.

Adapt your plan to match your evolving business needs, with the option to change tariffs as you require. Plus, experience a one-month free trial and enjoy reduced commission rates, making Payrow a cost-effective choice for your SME.

Personalised Global Access with Payrow

Customise your account names to align with your brand and access your funds globally with ease. Our international transaction capabilities ensure your business reaches its full potential, no matter where you are.

Global Reach and International Transactions

Although primarily catering to UK-based companies, Payrow facilitates effortless international transactions, making it a boon for businesses dealing with global clients.

Global Access and Security Protocols: When abroad, accessing your Payrow account is a breeze. For secure access, maintaining your home SIM for 2-factor authentication is recommended, ensuring you receive the necessary authentication codes.

Stay Supported and Informed with Payrow

Payrow’s Help Centre also provides detailed guides on general questions, transfers, statements, invoices, and more. These resources are designed to help users fully understand and utilise the platform for their business needs​​.

Our goal is that you’ll be able to find any information you’re looking for effortlessly. Nevertheless, if you find that your questions aren’t addressed or that you’d like more detailed information, please remember that our support team is always at your service, ready to assist — [email protected]. If you are already a Payrow user and you have any questions, please log in and reach out to us via the support chat.

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With Payrow, you’re not just choosing a financial service; you’re opting for a seamless, secure, and intelligent way to manage your business finances. Our platform is a testament to the power of innovation, providing you with the tools to succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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