Empowering European Startups: The Partnership Between Payrow & Vestbee

May 26, 2023

Payrow is excited to announce its partnership with Vestbee, an online matchmaking and lead-generation platform based in Europe. This partnership aims to introduce European startups and accelerators to the business technologies offered by Payrow.

Vestbee is a prominent online matchmaking and lead generation platform, connecting global investors, VC funds, accelerators, business angels, and corporates with innovative startups and scaleups. By providing new companies with comprehensive tools for fundraising alongside deal flow management for investors, corporates, and accelerators, Vestbee continuously supports the startup and venture capital community.

As part of this collaboration, Payrow will apply its expertise in financial technology to provide startups and scaleups within the Vestbee ecosystem with value-added services and solutions. Payrow's innovative financial products, including business accounts, invoicing facilities, and payment scheduling services, will enable startups to streamline their financial operations and enhance overall business performance. By integrating Payrow's solutions into their processes, startups will gain access to powerful financial tools that can accelerate their growth and drive success.

The collaboration between Vestbee and Payrow aligns perfectly with their shared mission to empower businesses with cutting-edge financial solutions and provide startups with valuable resources and opportunities. This partnership will unlock new avenues of growth and create a thriving ecosystem that propels the European startup landscape forward. 

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